Why organic is the right choice for parents?

Why organic is the right choice for parents?

Feeding your children organic food is the best thing you can do to them as a parent. Since kids are constantly exposed to toxins in the environment, the least you can do is feed them the right kind of food to limit the impact these toxins have on their growth. Though it is impossible for any produce to be 100% pesticide free, studies have shown that organic food contains relatively, as well as significantly lower amounts of pesticides as compared to conventionally grown produce. Here are 6 reasons why organic is the right choice for parents who want their children to develop healthy!

1) Kids are more susceptible to damage from pesticides

Kids are far more vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides as compared to adults. The reason why children are more susceptible to this damage is because in relation to their body size, they tend to eat more fruits and vegetables as compared to adults. Pesticides pose the risk of administering developmental damage in children and can have chronic effects on their health.

2) Protect your kids from disruptive chemicals

Eating organic also means that your kids are protected from synthetic chemicals like the growth hormones administered to livestock to speed their reproductive growth. These chemicals tend to disrupt the endocrine system in kids which is responsible for their growth and metabolism.

3) Fetuses are vulnerable too

Perhaps more than children, it is the developing fetus in the womb that is more vulnerable to the deadly consequences of consuming pesticide rich foods. Studies which tracked pregnant women who were exposed to high amounts of organophosphate pesticides discovered that once their children reached elementary-school age, their IQ averages were several points lower than those of others their age, or their peers.

4) Organic food tastes better

Organic foods contain significant amounts of flavonoids which make organic produce tastier, richer, and more flavorful. This might induce your kids to consume those fruits and vegetables that they otherwise wouldn’t because of their unfavourable taste.

5) Organic produce is higher in nutritional value

Since organic farmers use chemical-free methods to grow their produce, avoiding synthetic growth hormones, organic food for kids which is richer in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids are essential for your child’s growth. Recent studies have found significant amounts of omega 3 fatty acids in organic foods which are excellent for your child’s heart.

6) Organic foods help in preventing allergies

The chemicals which are present in conventionally grown produce are capable of triggering allergic reactions in your kids. One way of preventing this from happening is to buy organic produce since it comes free of all the toxic chemicals which are present in pesticides, as organic produce is not grown using pesticides.…

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